Monday, February 19, 2007

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks. He is such a sweet boy! I can't get enough kisses from those sweet cheeks!

Let's see...he is eating cereal twice a day along with a fruit or vegetable in his new highchair. He likes oatmeal better than rice. He also loves peaches and sweet potatoes! :) That first picture of him was a funny funny night. He decided to rip off his bib and stick his hands in his mouth while eating. Then he'd rub his eyes or something. So finally I just gave up and let him be messy. I'm sure it was fun for him! I didn't mind at all. I'm sure there will be a point in time that I will mind. :) He's not sleeping through the night yet. We still get up a couple of times. I'm hoping that will be improving soon!!!!! Just today he has turned over from his back to his tummy several times. Poor Bryan...he still hates that tummy time even though he's really good at it. As you can see in the pictures, he loves his feet and can chew on his toes. We weren't really sure he'd be able to do that at first because he's so chunky around the middle. ha! The last picture is of him in his adorable new hat from Sug on Valentines Day. He looks so handsome!


Pfaender Pfollys said...

I can't believe it has been 6 months either. I know this time will just fly by for me and before I know it I will have a little one of my own at home. He is such a cutie and my mom and sister are always saying how cute he is. One of these days I will find that out for myself. Love you guys!

Kelley Carter said...

He is so cute! Enjoy those sweet moments as much as you can. Time goes by so fast. Anna Kate is 3 now and she thinks she is such a big girl...she will not let me treat her like a baby anymore. I hope we get to see you guys soon! I really miss you. Love, Kelley