Friday, March 27, 2009

Too Fast!

Bryan is growing up too fast. I'm sure all of you moms think the same about your children. Even if they are on the road to 30...... :)

Yesterday I put some big boy underwear on Bryan and he didn't want to take them off. So I had him go pee pee every hour or so. He did great with that and even told me one time when he needed to go. The only potty training supplies I had were underwear, so today I went and got him a seat that attaches to the potty, more underwear, and some disposable sheets that you put on top of a public toilet. He's worn his underwear all day both days, except naptime and bedtime, and hasn't had an accident yet. We've been to Target, out to eat, and Bass Pro Shop today without any problem. He used the potty at Bass Pro like a big boy. He loves to tell you all about his "big boy underwear" too. So funny!

I have waited to potty train him because I wanted him to be past ready. I really don't want to drag it out for a long time and if he keeps going like he has these past two days, my prayers have been answered. :) I guess the next thing is learning to poo poo in the potty. Only problem with that, right now, is that he goes first thing in the morning as soon as he wakes up. We'll cross that bridge later. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Growth

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bryan made this bird today at church. His teachers told me he did it all by himself, glue and everything. I'm sure they gave him a little help as to where the feathers and beak go, but still! I was impressed. He loves things like this: color, paint, draw, and now glue. :)

We are taking B to Playhouse Disney Live this weekend. Of course he has NO idea. Hopefully we'll be able to take pictures. He is going to go crazy!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleeprunning Dog

Simba "runs" in her sleep a lot. We always laugh at her when she does, but it's not NEARLY as funny as this.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Bryan and I made trip to Phenix City on Thursday to see ML and Allison. ML had the weekend off and made a spontaneous decision to come see us! Bryan was asleep when they arrived at Mom and Dad's, but was so excited when he woke up seeing Allison's face. He and Allison are so cute when they first see each other. Lots of squeals!

On Friday we got up and headed to Monkey Joe's for the kids to play together. I think it was much more fun for Bryan to have a playmate this time. After a while of playing we took them to Fuddruckers for a corndog (bryan) and grilled cheese (allison.) Promising Bryan a corndog was about the only way we could get him out of Monkey Joe's happily. :) :) We returned home later that afternoon, but were so glad to visit with the Englands! (Mom and Dad too, of course!)

Here is the link to the pictures and short videos:

Visit with ML and Allison

I can't wait to see y'all again, Mary Lynn!

Monday, March 02, 2009


Bryan had his first dentist appointment today. His teeth look great! No complaints from the dentist. And, to my surprise, he did not shed one tear. In fact, he loved it there! :) His favorite thing was the water and suction. The hygienist let him hold the suction and he was in heaven. haha!

Yesterday was another first for Bryan. His first snow! We enjoyed it so much. It was too cold and windy to play in it long, but it was so gorgeous to watch fall from the sky. It snowed from about 3AM until 12PM. If the ground would have been colder we could have had a lot more than we did, but we are thankful for what we got!

(more pictures in our webalbum. link to the right.)

Did you get any snow?