Monday, March 02, 2009


Bryan had his first dentist appointment today. His teeth look great! No complaints from the dentist. And, to my surprise, he did not shed one tear. In fact, he loved it there! :) His favorite thing was the water and suction. The hygienist let him hold the suction and he was in heaven. haha!

Yesterday was another first for Bryan. His first snow! We enjoyed it so much. It was too cold and windy to play in it long, but it was so gorgeous to watch fall from the sky. It snowed from about 3AM until 12PM. If the ground would have been colder we could have had a lot more than we did, but we are thankful for what we got!

(more pictures in our webalbum. link to the right.)

Did you get any snow?


TrishandJohn said...

So much fun! We did get some snow, about 2 inches here. It seems we were at the top of the line of storms dumping about 8 inches just below of us.

rachel freeman said...

way to be a big boy B! I know you were relieved as a mom. and YEA for snow! It looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Bryan, I am so proud of you for being such a great dental patient for your dentist!!! You will have to come to my dental office when you come to Chattanooga!!!!


ps--Love your pictures of you in the snow!

Kimberly said...

I love the sweet picture of him looking out the window. No snow here, but I have loved seeing everyone else's pictures! And that's so fantastic that he was such a big boy at the dentist! I would think the suction could be scary, but not for him! Woo hoo!:)

The Walker's said...

Awww Baby B is growing up! We didn't get any snow here either :(