Monday, March 16, 2009


Bryan and I made trip to Phenix City on Thursday to see ML and Allison. ML had the weekend off and made a spontaneous decision to come see us! Bryan was asleep when they arrived at Mom and Dad's, but was so excited when he woke up seeing Allison's face. He and Allison are so cute when they first see each other. Lots of squeals!

On Friday we got up and headed to Monkey Joe's for the kids to play together. I think it was much more fun for Bryan to have a playmate this time. After a while of playing we took them to Fuddruckers for a corndog (bryan) and grilled cheese (allison.) Promising Bryan a corndog was about the only way we could get him out of Monkey Joe's happily. :) :) We returned home later that afternoon, but were so glad to visit with the Englands! (Mom and Dad too, of course!)

Here is the link to the pictures and short videos:

Visit with ML and Allison

I can't wait to see y'all again, Mary Lynn!


The Walker's said...

Awww FUN for everyone. So glad ML and Ali weren't injured in their fender bender back home!

Anonymous said...

Does look like lots of fun. They are so hilarious when they first see each other on their visits. What happened in the fender bender incident?


Anonymous said...

They are so cute!