Friday, September 04, 2009


Ok blogger friends and family! I need your help. We are about to start putting together Bryan's big boy room and I cannot make up my mind on which theme to go with.

Here's his comforter:

I don't have any themed sheets or anything yet.

Here are my ideas for his walls:

These are some cool vinyl wall stick on things.


Those are the themes I've been thinking about. Which one is your favorite? I'm leaning in one direction, but I want to hear what y'all think!!! :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How He Loves Us

check up

I should be blogging about our beach trip, but we haven't transferred the pictures over from the laptop. We did have a wonderful time and I'll try to tell you all about it this week.

Bryan had his 3 year check-up this morning. He weighs 36.2 lbs and is 38 1/2 inches tall. He's grown 2 inches and has gained 6 1/2lbs in a year. Amazing! Dr. Whitaker gave him a good check up, had him repeat words, checked his eyes, etc. All was well. He noticed that he does speak through his nose a little bit. We've noticed that too, but Dr. Whitaker wants us to go to a speech therapist to have him checked out. I figured it was something he would out grow, but who knows. :) He also did a vision test where they covered one eye and he had to say what picture he saw. His left eye was perfect, but the right wasn't so great. He missed 4 pictures. So we have to follow up with an eye doctor. (He also has a dentist appointment tomorrow.) On top of all that he had his MMR shot and flumist. I've put off the MMR due to all the controversy, but felt a little bit pressured about him having it today. I'm just praying for no harmful side effects...temporary or permanent. Will you join me? Thanks!!!