Wednesday, September 02, 2009

check up

I should be blogging about our beach trip, but we haven't transferred the pictures over from the laptop. We did have a wonderful time and I'll try to tell you all about it this week.

Bryan had his 3 year check-up this morning. He weighs 36.2 lbs and is 38 1/2 inches tall. He's grown 2 inches and has gained 6 1/2lbs in a year. Amazing! Dr. Whitaker gave him a good check up, had him repeat words, checked his eyes, etc. All was well. He noticed that he does speak through his nose a little bit. We've noticed that too, but Dr. Whitaker wants us to go to a speech therapist to have him checked out. I figured it was something he would out grow, but who knows. :) He also did a vision test where they covered one eye and he had to say what picture he saw. His left eye was perfect, but the right wasn't so great. He missed 4 pictures. So we have to follow up with an eye doctor. (He also has a dentist appointment tomorrow.) On top of all that he had his MMR shot and flumist. I've put off the MMR due to all the controversy, but felt a little bit pressured about him having it today. I'm just praying for no harmful side effects...temporary or permanent. Will you join me? Thanks!!!


Lana said...

Bryan is growing up so fast. I will be praying he doesn't have any bad side effects from either immunization. Hopefully they will help him to not get sick later. Love you both.

Beth said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? As far as the MMR, is it the 1st or 2nd shot that has all the "talk" or is it a combination of both shots? Ross had an odd reaction to his 2nd shot, nothing bad. They said it was because his 1st MMR didn't take. This was due to him being sick so much during that time with asthmatic bronchitis. Seemed like every time he was scheduled, he would get sick again. It was hard to get all of his taken care of during that time.

jamie b said...

aunt beth...i'm not sure. i think a lot of the autism debate is over the 1st shot. i don't know why it has so many problems with it. mom says i am very allergic to it.