Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bryan made this bird today at church. His teachers told me he did it all by himself, glue and everything. I'm sure they gave him a little help as to where the feathers and beak go, but still! I was impressed. He loves things like this: color, paint, draw, and now glue. :)

We are taking B to Playhouse Disney Live this weekend. Of course he has NO idea. Hopefully we'll be able to take pictures. He is going to go crazy!!!


Anonymous said...

He did so good on his art project! I would love to hear him squeal when he realizes where he is going this weekend! Have fun!


Lyndi Soles said...

HOW MUCH FUN WILL THAT BE?!!?! He is going to be so excited- probably a little stunned at first, and then the jumping and squealing will ensue!! I hope y'all have a wonderful time... Mickey Mouse!!

The Walker's said...

Good job B!

Lana said...

Great Job! Have fun at Disney.