Wednesday, October 03, 2007

About the Concert...finally!

I'm finally getting around to sitting at the computer for a few minutes to post about the Glory Revealed concert last week. Bryan and I left for Phenix City after lunch on Tuesday and as soon as we got there, Dad and I left for Lagrange. The doors opened at 5:00 and we wanted to be there before that so we could find a good seat. That's important, ya know?! First Baptist Lagrange was expecting 1700 people and their sanctuary only holds 1000. They had prepared an overflow room but we didn't want to get stuck in there. After the lights went down I would say only about 700-800 people were there so we did get good seats! :)

A new bluegrass duo called Trees Leave opened with 3 songs. They were surprisingly good. One of the guys played the guitar SO fast you could hardly see his hand. The other was a great fiddle player.

Finally the Glory Revealed group came out. David Nasser and Mac Powell said a few words and then the "show" started. I hate to even call it a show because it was completely a worship service! They opened with "I'll Fly Away" and it was so awesome! I love a good hymn remix! :)

Altogether the group sang a few songs from the album and a few hymns and worship songs. Shane and Shane (one of my new favorite groups!) sang 2 of the songs off their new album Pages. They were awesome! ("We love you Jesus" and "Vision of You"--WOW!)

David Nasser spoke in the middle of worship time about how God reveals himself through His Word and what easy access we have to it if we'll just use it. He is also a very funny guy. He told us all how they would be on TBN the coming Friday. He said the people at TBN were so nice and wonderful...they just have bad wigs! :)

One of the last songs is my new favorite worship song. Candi-Pearson Shelton is one of THE BEST women vocalists I've ever heard. She sang "Mighty to Save" and as soon as she hit the chorus almost everyone's hands went up as we sang praises to our Lord Jesus! (I had NEVER heard the song before and was feeling left out! ha!) Anyway, here's a clip of "Mighty to Save." (INCREDIBLE!)

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing. Those are all of my FAVORITE worship singers. We sing Mighty to Save at our church - gives me chills every time. We had the Glory Revealed concert in Knoxville, but Colin was working. Boo! It sounds like it was amazing. I am glad you were able to go!