Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busy Bees

Matt and I have been working hard at getting our house ready to sell. It will officially go on the market tomorrow! :) There is still a little bit of work to be done tonight, but we'll get it done in hopes that someone will want to look at it tomorrow. Please pray with us that the Lord will send the right person or people our way to buy our house quickly!!!

On Friday my parents came down to help. Mom watched Bryan so I could get a few things done and Dad painted our bedroom yellow.

Almost 2 weeks ago we had our shower remodeled. It's by a company called Renu-it. They put some chemicals on the tile and then repainted our old tiles. They also repaired all the broken ones. It looks like a BRAND new shower!



Here's our bathroom before. We had started tearing down the 80's wallpaper when we first moved in 5 years ago, but never got around to finishing it all up.

Saturday and Sunday, Matt and his parents worked long days to remodel our bathroom. Here are some before and after pictures. It is an amazing transformation!!! (Oh, and what was I doing? Not feeling well. I came down with a horrible cold and fever, but am feeling much better now.)
Here they are cutting the first piece.

Here is the bead board before paint...

...and here it is after!

It's a whole new bathroom!!! I just love it and wished we had done it 5 years ago to enjoy it longer. :)


The Englands said...

wow! the bathroom is great! i can't wait to come see the finished product!

Candice said...

WOW! I love all of the transformations! I'll call your "team" when I'm ready to flip my house!!! Good Job! I hope you feel better! I had it last week....YUCK.

TrishandJohn said...

WOW that looks incredible. Gina and Mom were busy in her house all week too and have it on the market too. Lots of change going on in Albany!

Lyndi Soles said...

I can't believe the difference- I can't wait to see it!!! Love you!:)