Thursday, July 03, 2008

4th of July

Now that we live in Alabama we can buy fireworks legally. I just went by a trailer set up in the Wal-Mart parking lot and purchased our first ones as a family! I can't wait to shoot them off.

Tonight our neighborhood is hosting fireworks for our little city. I'm excited to see the show. Matt and I are hoping we'll be able to see them from our house and not have to fight the crowd.

What are your plans for the 4th?


The Walker's said...

Hey J,
Tonight we are going to Collegedale to a park, having a picnic, listening to the Chattanooga Sympony and watching the fire works, tomorrow Johnny is going fishing with Paw and Michael, so I will tag along with Kelley, Bubba, and Kristin -(Kel's sis)to Bubba's MaMaw's and lounge by the pool,we'll cook out that evening, and shoot some fireworks off that night. Hope you all have a fun holiday weekend! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am doing NOTHING! (and I love it!) Going to Tony's sister's pool today and chill! Tony & Ross are working (oh, those restaurant employees we take for granted) and I have had a ~~~~~~~~~~~ week at work. Hope you guys have fun! Bryan was so adorable last week at Ally's party. It was soooo good to see you guys. Love you and kiss B for me!

TrishandJohn said...


Not sure how Aubrey will handle the loud fireworks so I'm not really wanting to go fight crowds either. Aubrey and myself are planning on going over to Martha and Al's house to have a cookout and enjoy fellowship with friends. Hopefully we can see fireworks from there but if not I'll see them from Bill and Karen's house. Gina is going out with Jeannie and a group from our church to enjoy fireworks at a local park. John is out of town in Chicago, at one of the 3rd best places in the country to be on the 4th. That is what Good Morning America said. JEALOUS! It will be a fun day though!

Anonymous said...

How much fun! We grilled here then we watched the fireworks at Lake Eufala. Levi was crying at first then he actually went to sleep. Go figure. My friends who live in Chelsea are Johnny and Shirley Lewis. I am not sure of their neighborhood but I do know they live on Emerald Trace. They are in their mid 50's. She was actually my ex-boyfriends mother. She and I were really close and have stayed close all of these years. Now, we are all friends. John's friends who live in Columbiana are Tom and Kristie Brown. They live pretty far out from what they tell us.(they just bought their hose and land) We might be coming through pretty soon going to Memphis. We'll have to meet up for lunch or something.

jamie b said...

sounds like everyone has a fun 4th planned!

GAB-Go you for doing nothing! :)

Trish-I'm jealous of John too! I really love fireworks and to see a show like that would be amazing.

Leigh-I had to go to Columbiana yesterday to get my driver's license. :) It's about 20 minutes from my house. I'd love to meet up with you.