Friday, November 14, 2008

Crafty Stuff

If you are interested in buying a custom made shirt, or any other item you have in mind, I would love to create something for you! These would make great Christmas gifts! In fact, I already have a couple of orders.

Shirts-$15 each

Two Shirts for $25

I haven't practiced anything other than letters and numbers so if you have something else in mind I don't mind giving it a shot, but can't promise it'll look good! HA! Anyway, I'll accept orders until Monday, December 8th. That way it can get to you before Christmas. Please email me at for more information.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! You do a gteat job!

The Walker's said...

Jamie does a great job, great Christmas gifts!

Amy Lynn said...

I can vouch for Jamie's shirts! We love our "Z" onesie!! People are constantly stopping us asking where we got it from. I definitely recommend them!