Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We took a last minute trip to the zoo on Sunday. We knew it would be one of the last warmer, sunny days for a while. I think we got there about 4:00 and they closed at 5:00. It was fun strolling through when not many people were there. Bryan enjoyed the animals very much. I think the lions are his favorite. Maybe the giraffes too. By the time we got to the giraffe's they were putting them in their cages for the night. Hopefully we'll have another trip soon. :)


Lyndi Soles said...

next time, we are going with you!! The pictures are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Someone is an awesome photographer. Looks like fun!

The Walker's said...

Great looking Zoo, maybe when we come there we can go! With the kids it would be 'Zoo Gone Wild' ha!