Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going to Grandma's...

or Sug and Pops' House!

Last Tuesday, Bryan and I met Pops in Columbus so he could take B home with him until Friday. The first stop was the farm. From what I hear he ran his little legs off for hours and hours. It was hard to get him to stop and come inside. He loves to drive the easy-go too. That evening Sug put him to bed, not realizing the pack n play was a little too close to the door. Not long after he was down she heard, "Hey Sug! Whatcha doin Sug?" haha! He had turned the knob and opened the door. So she had to scoot him away.

Wednesday morning during breakfast he wanted to wear a "tickle hat." He and Pops ate breakfast with their tickle hats on.

Then they were off to fish. Sug and Pops bought him his very own fishing rod for Christmas, so he got to try it out. The first fish he and Sug caught took him by surprise. Sug said he couldn't crawl up into her lap anymore if he tried. :) He didn't want to touch them, but kept saying "catch another one." In all, he caught 3 brim.

Wednesday after his nap they headed in to Albany. Mema had invited them, and the rest of her family, over for supper. He got to see Avery, Banks, and Witt over there. Avery is almost 4; Banks is 7 months old and Witt is 4 months. Bryan called Banks "little buddy." :) When Avery got home that night she told her mommy that "Baby Bryan is not a baby anymore! AND, sometimes he speaks Spanish!" haha! We guess he was telling her something she didn't understand.

Thursday he was so tired he took an early nap. They then went downtown the the Riverquarium and turtle park to play.

Friday after lunch they headed this way and stayed with us all weekend.

We were excited to see Bryan. He seemed bigger and was saying new things. (He's now calling Rusty "Rusty Boy!")

Matt and I thank Sug and Pops so much for keeping him. We were able to go out to eat a couple of nights, go to the store by ourselves, and I was able to do some shopping. :)


Kimberly said...

LOL, he speaks Spanish...you know I loved that!:)

The Walker's said...

Awesome pics!

Anonymous said...

He is such a big boy to be able to go away for a while, without mom and dad! Yeah, Bryan! I love him in his ballcap! He looks like such a jock. You and Matt were smart to enjoy your alone time. Enjoy it when you can!

Amy Lynn said...

Aww fun!! Those pictures of him fishing are PRECIOUS. I cannot believe how big he has gotten!

And yay for you two getting some alone time! Its a treat to go out to a restaurant without a child! :)