Sunday, August 16, 2009

August In Review

There have only been 16 days this month, but they have been jammed packed full of fun! On top of that, I applied for a job at James Avery on Friday. Monday they called to set up for an interview on Tuesday and hired me Wednesday. I offically started yesterday (Saturday) and was thrown to the wolves. haha! Not really, but the store just opened on Friday and when I got there at noon yesterday the store was packed out. I kind of like learning that way though. Today was slower so I got to learn more about the computer system. I hope this job will work out for a while to make some extra money for us on the side, but not mess with me being a momma! That comes first.

The first weekend of August we went down to Albany to celebrate Bryan's birthday with our family there. We had a Lightening McQueen birthday party. We had a great time swimming, eating, and opening up new treasures. (Can you believe how big Grant is!?!?)

The week following we had a play date with our cousins that live here. We went to the McWane Science Center. We had never been before. I think B really had a great time. He loves his cousins too :)

Last week we drove down to my parents house. ML had a few days off so she and A hopped in the car (for 7 hours!!) and drove to see us. We celebrated Bryan's, Dad's, and my birthdays together. I love sharing my birthday with them. :) One of Bryan's favorite places is Monkey Joe's so we had to take them there. They had a great time together. Every time A & B get to be together they play better and better. One night they were dancing to a music DVD when A stopped and said, "I love you Bryan!" That's the BEST!!! Bryan tried and tried to tell Allison what to do, but she just ignored him. It was hilarious.

Another post is coming in the morning. It's the big 3 year old birthday!! :)

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