Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on Marie Ange

So, I opened the mailbox today and found a letter from Marie Ange written on the 20th of February...just 8 days after the awful earthquake. I thought you might like to know what her cousin wrote for her.

"Happiness that is in Marie Ange's heart can't be measured. She feels glad to find this occasion that is so special to talk to you. How's your family? Marie Ange is very fine thanks to God, so his her family. She thanks you for the letter, thank you for giving much advice and lots of wishes to her. Thanks a lot for the gift of Christmas you sent her. With that money her mom bought a nice dress for her. She had nobody who died in the event that occurred, but her house has holes. She'll always pray for you so God blesses you. Help her to pray also because she'd like to become a great girl in order to be useful to her community and her church."

She went on to ask a few questions and sent me some good drawings. What a sweet family. I'm so thankful to know they are ok and all of their family is alive!!! Thanks for your prayers too!

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