Monday, June 20, 2011

Clarkston-Day 2

We were divided up in to two groups. One was a summer camp group where they went to a church to help the children with school work, crafts, story telling, and recreation. My group was called Spiritual Mapping. This basically is a way of finding those that are open or closed to the gospel. On this day, we prayed for unreached people groups and for our time knocking on doors and then we were off to The Lakes apartments. We spent the morning prayer walking. Alisa, Willis (summer intern), and I did just that...prayed as we walked. We were also able to ask Willis whatever questions we might have. As we were about to leave Jon (local missionary) came to us and said a social services office was moving furniture in for a new refugee family. We got over there and helped tear plastic off the new mattresses. The family would be coming within the next few days.

We headed back to the basement for lunch. Our second day in Clarkston felt a little off. We had more free time after lunch due to some late comers who had to be caught up on some of what we talked about in our meetings the day before. That afternoon we had "community development." One group knocked on doors at our complex to see who would be interested in English classes in their homes while the rest of us stayed back to paint around the basement. Kimberly and I painted the boys bathroom stalls that day. :) haha!

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