Friday, November 16, 2007

Visit to Granna and PaPaw's

ML and I took the babies to Mom and Dad's house Monday for the week. Matt was in Atlanta for training all week, so we packed up and headed north too. Here are some fun pictures! :)
Here we go!
Play time
Watching the neighbor's dogs
This is Allison's silly face!
"I think I'll climb these!"
PaPaw knocked down some pecans so we could pick them up.
ML and Allison watching PaPaw.
There's that silly face again! :)
Good boy, Bryan!


Aunt Sherry said...

How cute these two are! I wish we lived closer so Anna Kate could play with them too. I am sure all of you had a good time together, bet Granna and PaPaw are missing you guys.

Candice said...

They are precious! Must be nice to have a playmate so often!

The Carter's said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun! I am so glad that Allison & Bryan are getting to grow up together! That is so neat!
Love You! Kelley

Aunt Sherry said...

Hey Jamie, are all of you going to your Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving? I heard that the Ooltewah High School band was going to be on Macy's Parade you'll have to look for them. I hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving! I am voting for little man today with Gap! I am so glad we have been in touch, I know Kelley is too. We love you, Happy Thanksgiving!