Saturday, August 16, 2008


I know there are certain things that come with the job of being a dad. Pretty much all types of bodily fluids, dirty diapers, and even boogers. Apparently this also applies to being an uncle.

We're at Jamie's parents' house this weekend for Bryan's birthday, and my niece Allison is here as well, along with her mommy Mary Lynn (Jamie's sister). I've been getting stuff off of Allison's finger all night, including Play-Doh and bits of crayon that she's gotten under her fingernails. She came running up to me after supper going "Finger!" and holding her thumb up in the air that she'd apparently gotten something on that she wanted off immediately. Without really thinking about it, I just wiped her thumb off with my hand, and then looked down at what it was.

A booger.


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amy said...

Yeah, well, baby boogers don't count. Could've been much, MUCH worse. :-)