Monday, August 11, 2008

Sentimental Week!

It's time for a sentimental week! :) Bryan's 2nd birthday is in 6 days. Unbelievable! I'm going to start working on a little video montage and hopefully have it posted on his birthday.

This pregnancy picture was taken exactly 2 years ago today!

Here is Bryan one year ago today:
What a cutie pie! He has grown so much in a year. He's saying so many words, it's crazy. Some of our favorites are, C-Nack for snack and Happy Day for anything dessert related. hahahaha If one of his crayons is broken he says "it's broke." Then we tell him that it's ok, it still works. we fixed it. he'll say, "it's fix." So fun!

We are going to have two birthday parties this year. One with my side of the family this weekend and one at the beach with the Baker family. I think it's appropriate that he's turning 2 and he gets 2 parties :) Of course we can't keep up that tradition every year. :)


Lyndi Soles said...

AHHH!! I love that picture of you- you look so cute! I can't believe our baby boy is going to be two... It seems like yesterday we were sitting on go waiting on a call!! He is such a blessing to us- Happy Birthday Bryan!!

The Walker's said...

I think a b-day is so special, I say have as many parties as you can to celebrate. I know in our house that's how we roll, haha!
Love 'ya!

amy said...

Awww...come on...we've been having two birthday parties for YEARS!!! One with family, one with friends. You can't have too much birthday, is how I feel about it! Enjoyed both the pics! :-)

jamie b said...

yeah! i think 2 parties are great! what i was thinking was he's 2 and he'll have 2 parties, but at 3 we probably won't have 3, 4 have 4, etc. lol

Kimberly said...

LOL, you would go broke by age 10!:)

Love you!

TrishandJohn said...

Adorable. Jamie I think you were precious pregnant! Would love to see that again...wink wink. No I'm just kidding with you. Can't believe you a two year old and can't believe I have an almost one year old. Weren't we just in Hopper Hall together!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bryan! Jamie, it goes by so fast doesn't it?