Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Even MORE Beach Pictures :)

I have just started really going through our beach pictures. I'm trying to edit a few, delete bad ones, and put them in order. We literally have hundreds. The one above is one of my favorites of our family. I especially like the placement of the ball! haha! I told Penny that I might just carry one around with me :)

One more favorite:

Here's a link to another web album with the pictures Penny (aka Sug) took. Some of them were put online while we were at the beach, but I've since redone the album and added more to it.


Amy Lynn said...

LOVE that family shot! And I also like the one of Brian and Matt! So cute!! Oh how I love the beach!

rachel freeman said...

Love the beach pics...how cool to have black and white and yet still a bit of color in em.....ya'lls family looks beautiful!

The Walker's said...

Good pics Jamie! Miss you.