Saturday, September 06, 2008

yearbook pics *updated with matt's pics*

this cracked me up! i love all of the 80's hairstyles! i also, truely, love the 50's styles. sometimes i wish i would have been born in that era. :)

our computer is still down, but we hope it will be fixed monday. we've been using matt's work laptop in the evenings to check our email and such.
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The Walker's said...

Jamie, I have to say, you look pretty in the 50's do-s!

Lana said...

that is too funny!!!! you look good in all those styles. love the glasses. :) one of those looks like me in the 70's

The Walker's said...

I have always said that Jamie looks like you Lana, but then I see pics of Granmama when she was young, and it looks like Jamie too. Jamie you are so pretty!