Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another fun weekend

Other than the fact that we almost died on the way to Albany on Friday, we had a wonderful weekend. Seriously, we were inches from death or at least being very, seriously hurt. We had only been on the road a little over an hour when we met a car going the opposite direction in our lane (left one)!! Highway 280 is a divided highway with 4 lanes across. We noticed a car that had been traveling far in front of us get over in the right lane, but just thought they were changing lanes. As we started to top a small hill, there was a Tahoe barreling down the road at us like they were supposed to be there. I was going 70 and they were at least going that speed. God's hands directed our car off the road just enough for them to miss us. Matt and I both said we couldn't believe they didn't hit our mirror or at least the right front side of the car. I was going 70 down the median and never once lost control. That is all by the grace of God. Friday night I didn't get much rest replaying everything in my head. Of course Satan likes to get me thinking about all the "what ifs." There are SO many! If there had been a car in front of us, we wouldn't have had time to get out of the way. Same if there would have been a car directly behind us.

We stopped at a McDonald's in Dadeville just about a mile or two down the road to check out our tires and calm down a little. A man pulled up behind us that had seen the whole thing happen. He had been in the right lane. He asked if we were ok. I told him yes, but that I was shaking. He said, "you were all in that ditch!" I told him we were praising Jesus for our safety. He then told me he was praying the lady didn't come into his lane. I never saw a lady...just a big shiny grill. I WISH I would have thought to turn around and try to get a tag number or something. I'm praying they didn't hurt anyone else and quickly learned they were on the wrong side of the highway.

Whew!! We went to Albany to celebrate Allison's 3rd Birthday and Father's Day with Bruce. Saturday morning we met the England's early so we could take the kids to the Riverquarium. We all enjoyed that. We then ordered pizza and had YUMMY birthday cake. Allison got a little shy when we were singing to her, but she blew all 3 candles out by herself. She opened presents with Bryan's help, of course. :) It was then time for Bryan's nap so while he slept, I swam with Mary Lynn, Nate, Allison, and our friend Kim. It was good to spend time with all of them. (click pictures to enlarge)

After naptime the Soles came in to town. They got a new boat so we went and tried it out. It was Bryan's first boat ride. I think he really enjoyed it. I always love riding on a boat. Now we have one in the family! :) We probably would have all loved it even more if it wouldn't have been soooooo hot! We went back to the Baker's house for supper and had a chance to visit with Punkin and Uncle Huck. Always so good to see them! :)

Saturday evening we went to Phenix City to go to church with mom and dad for Father's Day. We enjoyed lunch at El Vaquero. Mary Lynn and Nate were coming in around supper time to spend the night so we got to have dinner with them before we came back home. Thankfully, our trip home was uneventful! We were so glad to spend time with so much of our family this weekend.
(Papaw popped popcorn for Bryan. I think it's his favorite food. We eat some almost everyday. Anyway, he gets so excited hearing the "pop pop pop" as he says.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for taking care of my family! Wow, I am so glad you guys are ok. I would have been shaking too! Glad you guys had a good Father's Day/Birthday weekend!
These kids are getting so big!

Kimberly said...

I am praising Jesus, too, that you were OK. I didn't realize you were still going 70 MPH when you pulled into the median!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord for His hand being on you guys! I would also have been shaking.

I loved all the pics you posted! They look great. It was great to see y'all!

Amy Lynn said...

Wow! You guys sure had a busy weekend. I am so glad you guys are ok. That had to be scary! Glad you all had a good rest of the weekend though. Cute pictures! Your little man is growing up way to fast!

Life Lived Out said...

That is a crazy story and I'm so delighted you guys are ok. Thank you Lord for your protection!! Sounds like you guys had an insane weekend.