Friday, June 12, 2009

hair cut

Sug was here for a few fun days! :) We celebrated her birthday Wednesday night. Thursday we went to one of her favorite stores, Walton's Cabin, and then to get Bryan his first salon haircut. Granna usually cuts it, but we haven't seen her in a while and his hair was getting scraggly. We went to Sports Clips, which is a place just for men and boys. I figured they would know what they are doing. :) Bryan got paired with a really sweet girl who cut hair faster than anyone I've ever seen. I guess she knows how wiggly a 2 year old can be. Bryan did GREAT! He loved staring at himself in the mirror. When it was time to shave his neck with the clippers he couldn't stand it. He is SO ticklish!!!

He got a sucker from the hairdresser and some special treats from Sug at Target for doing so good. :) He's getting so big!


Anonymous said...

Yes he is getting big, and we are so proud of him for being such a great customer! Wish we could see it in person. Miss you guys so much!


Lana said...

handsome boy

Amy Lynn said...

How cute!! I havent taken Z to anyone to get his hair cut, in fear of Z pitching a fit. (I usually do it) But Brian made it look so fun! Maybe I need to show Z the pics. :)

rachel freeman said...

What a cute hair cut!
He has good hair like his mama!
Hope ya'll are well.
I was pulling for Alabama in the Softball world series....sorry my rooting wasn't good enough