Monday, October 06, 2008

2 year check up

Bryan had his 2 year check-up this morning. He made an A+! Dr. Whitaker said he was very healthy and thought he looked great. He asked if Bryan knew about 20ish words. That was kind of funny because he knows WAY more than that. I think the doc was impressed. Actually, I know he was. When it was time to go Bryan told Dr. Whitaker, "thank you." The doctor started laughing :)

I was SO impressed and proud of B. He cooperated without crying! He had to get one shot. The look of pain on his face made me so sad, but he only wimpered a little...maybe had 2 tears...and got ok again. The nurse gave him some stickers so that made him VERY happy!

Here are his stats:
Height -36 1/2" (90%)
Weight -29lbs 13.5oz (50%)

No more check ups until 3!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Big Guy!!! B should celebrate by coming to Chattanooga! Mommy and Daddy can come too! I Love You Bryan!

The Walker's said...

Big Boy Bryan!

rachel freeman said...

Wonderful! I know the doc visits aren'tfun....butWOW what a great report. I know you should be thrilled because we ALL know you are a wonderful mom, but to have PROOF of you being a goodmom by having a report of a healthy brave son! That is great!

Anonymous said...

congrats! what a CUTIE!!!

I only saw Cohen try to "feed" our dog once...he put the food near her mouth and when she went to lick it, he put it in his mouth! what a tease:)