Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Don't Leave!

Don't leave thinking you've come to the wrong place! We got an all new design today thanks to Dawn at Barefoot Blogs! She is VERY easy to work with and super quick!

Thanks Dawn! We love our site!

Hope everyone enjoys our new space! :)


kelley carter said...

Love the new design!

Sherry said...

I like your new web page, the colors look good. I enjoy reading about 'The Bakers'

Lindsay Fricks said...

hey Jamie, what a great design. i love it! I love the beach pic tooo!!! was Barefoot designs real expensive? I'd like to do a blog about will when he's born especially since Jonathan's going to be in Oklahoma then at school. :) hope you are having a great day. Lindsay Fricks

Aunt Boo said...

Hi Jamie,

I came from "Lots of Scotts" Jmom is my sister and I live in PC as well. I saw your comment that stated that your parents live there. You site is awesome. Love the colors.


Kimberly said...

I love the new design! Love you guys, too.:) Hope to see you next weekend!

Belle-ah said...

Dawn is so talented. Everytime I see a blog I really love it seems to be one of her designs! Maybe one day I will get the courage to get one made.