Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Granna and PaPaw's Clock

We (Jamie and Bryan) are at Granna and PaPaw's house for a few days this week. I'm so thankful we are because we both have colds! (NO fun!) They are doing a great job of taking care of us! :) Matt is in Atlanta for some computer training and we had planned to go to Birmingham to visit the Brandrups and Aunt Lynn, but we got sick. :(

Bryan LOVES this clock. Every time we come over they have to put it up because he wants to pull up on it and it's very wobbly. I laid it on the floor to see what he would do with it and, well...see for yourself below!


The Walker's said...

I'm sorry you and the little man are sick, but glad you all could be taken care by Granna.
Love You,

Kelley Carter said...

No matter how I old I get I still want my momma to take care of me when I am sick! I am glad your mom is able to take care of you and Bryan. Feel better soon!
Love and miss you!