Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weather and other things

Aren't we having the craziest weather here in the South?! It is 65 and rainy outside. I just looked at tomorrow's forecast and and saw SNOW! No kidding! High of 44 and they are calling for snow. I'm glad I got out to do my errands today. I still have lots of shopping to do for Christmas.

This weekend B and I went down to Valdosta to see Lyndi, Grant, and Sug. We had a wonderful time visiting. Grant is getting so big and is very mobile. He's not crawling yet, but he can get something 5 or 6 feet away from him.

We went to Valdosta's Christmas thing they have downtown every year. While we were there Bryan and Grant got to see Santa. Of course Bryan didn't want to sit with him so I held Bryan while Santa talked to him. Santa gave him a sucker so that made him happy. As we were walking off Bryan said, "Thank you, Santa." :) He's making progress! Do you remember last year?

We enjoyed a funnel cake before we left. So yummy! Grant even had a taste. :)

Now we are home and trying to get ready for Christmas. :) I hope we can take it easy before the holiday rush hits. How is your Christmas shopping coming along?


The Englands said...

you should post that picture from last year one more time :)

Lyndi Soles said...

Done.. Done... Done!! I look as bad as I felt... Nice! We had a great time. Thank you again for coming to visit.