Tuesday, December 23, 2008

so long pacifier

Sunday evening Bryan took his pacifier for the last time (we hope!) :) I got a crazy idea for him to put them in an envelope and mail them to Santa. In exchange he got one of his fun Christmas presents.

He's now taken one nap and slept two nights without it. He's done a great job. He'll ask about it every once in a while and I'll remind him that he mailed them to Santa to give to another baby. This morning he said, "Santa paci baby." That's how his sentences go sometimes. haha! I'm proud of him for being so brave and such a big boy. (of course he is still only 2!) :)


The Walker's said...

I think he has it whipped Jamie! Three nights are the magic number, you are there. Big Boy B!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Bryan...and Mom! Great idea!!

Amy Lynn said...

Whoa! That is awesome!! Good job, Brian!

By the way- I LOVE that turtle on the floor. I have seen it in magazines and have come so close to getting it. How do you like it?

amy said...

Good for B!! I remember Cassie trading hers in for a trip to ToysRUs for a new baby doll! Riley gave hers away to a friend's new baby. Of course, several years later, she found one and slipped it in her backpack for naptime at kindergarten! :) I think Riley would still take one NOW if she were given the option!!!

The Walker's said...

Hey Jamie,
How is B doing with the paci thing? Just thinking about the little fellow. It's kind of bittersweet, isn't it? Hope you all had a good Christmas! Love you!

jamie b said...

Aunt Sherry-B is doing great without his paci! he still asks about it on occasion, but answers his own question now. :) it is bittersweet. i find myself looking for them too. thanks for thinking of us! hope y'all had a merry christmas too.

amy-i think that's funny about riley finding a pacifier and taking it to kindergarten. i think bryan would do the same thing. :)

amy lynn-we LOVE the turtle!!! I want one for my room. i found it the cheapest on amazon. it's the twilight turtle.