Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

We had such a big week for Thanksgiving. We got to visit with lots of family and friends.

Friday before Thanksgiving, Bryan and I traveled to Phenix City to have lunch with Pa, Mrs. Betty, Aunt Beth, Tony, Mary Lynn, Allison, and my parents. It was so good to see everyone and especially nice to meet our new grandmother, Betty.

After Bryan's nap we hit the road and headed to the farm to see Sug, Pops, Lyndi, and big boy Grant. We had a wonderful weekend visiting. Matt met us there on Saturday morning. Lyndi and I went to a friends sweet wedding on Saturday afternoon and we enjoyed some girl time while Sug, Pops, and Matt babysat. (We also enjoyed the wedding cake!!)

Bryan ate his first roasted marshmallow that weekend and enjoyed it! He's so cute saying "marshmawhoa." He also wanted to "drive" so Pops let him help steer the easy-go.

Grant had lots of floor time. He's trying so hard to crawl. He can get up on his knees and rock until he scoots backwards. So precious!

Sunday, after leaving the farm, Matt headed home and I stopped in Phenix City to visit longer with Mary Lynn and Allison. They won't be home for Christmas so we don't know when we will see them again. We were having a wonderful time and then I came down with a horrible sore throat Tuesday that turned in to a cold later in the week.

Bryan and Allison ran their legs off and tried their best to share. haha! Thanksgiving Day we had a WONDERFUL meal with our family and one special friend, Mrs. Miriam. She just happened to bring the BEST chocolate pecan pie any of us have ever had! It really was delicious!

Thanksgiving evening mom and I went to see "Australia." Very interesting movie. I'd like to see it again because I felt lost a few times. Overall it was good though.

I spent most of my weekend relaxing trying to get over the cold that knocked me down. We returned home yesterday and still haven't unpacked! Maybe tomorrow. :)

Enjoy the pictures and short video clips.
Thanksgiving Week

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