Monday, December 03, 2007

The BCS is Broken

I'm so ticked about the BCS system right now. Yes I believe LSU deserves to play for the title. They should be playing Oklahoma though. Ohio State benefits from a creampuff schedule and no conference championship game. Why oh why can't we do an 8 team playoff system? Here's how it should be going down this year:

Cotton Bowl: Kansas (8) vs Ohio State (1)
Sugar Bowl: USC (7) vs LSU (2)
Orange Bowl: Missouri (6) vs Virginia Tech (3)
Gator Bowl: Georgia (5) vs Oklahoma (4)

Rose Bowl: Cotton vs Sugar Winners
Fiesta Bowl: Orange vs Gator Winners

True Championship: Rose vs Fiesta Winners

The regular season still counts because you have to do well enough to get into the top 8. The Bowls are still played and would generate even more attention because of the playoff system. For example, LSU and USC fans would be watching the Ohio State Kansas game much closer because that's who they might play in the Rose Bowl next week. With this system we'd get a true national chamption. Please NCAA, make it so!

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Joe B said...

I do, 100% agree with the fact that the Bowl System needs to be restructured into playoffs, similar to the way presented, similar to March Madness. This season has had numerous huge upsets and the rankings having significantly changed on several occasions.
I also believe the ranking system should be changed in that there are point values assigned to all aspects of the game; throwing yards, rushing yards, points scored, sacks, fumbles, etc. Then the points are tallied and weighted against the caliber of the team being played. That way it’s a more accurate display of how good of a team you truly are.
However, one thing I am absolutely sick of hearing about is Ohio State’s easy season of playing ‘nobodies’. Check other ranked teams out there; as there are those whose season is comparable or easier than Ohio State.
There is a huge difference in a ranked team beating an unranked 17-14 and beating and unranked 38-17 or 58-17. It says something about a team who, even with their loss, has an average spread of 21 points with their opponents scoring an average of exactly 1/3 of what they do. I’m not even a huge fan of Ohio State, but listening to the same statements over and over again are just aggravating. If Ohio State only plays crappy teams and their season is nothing short of a cakewalk then why do coaches, including UGA’s Mr. Richt, still vote them #1?