Monday, December 10, 2007

What's in a Name?

This website has had a decided lack of geek lately, so I'm here to remedy that situation!

My elf name is Aranel Sáralondë

My hobbitt name is Wilibald Burrows

My ninja name is Makoto the Black Ninja

My pirate name is Mad Blackbeard

What are your names?


Lana said...

Granna Lana's Elf Name

Nessa Nénharma

Aleesha said...

I don't think I like that my hobbit name is "Rosie-Posie Chub", my Ninja name is "Dingleberry San the Silver Ninja", and my pirate name is "Skull Crusher Firecrotch". Seriously, "Chub" AND "Dingleberry" AND "Firecrotch"?! Wow.

Aunt Sherry said...

Elf-Eldarwem Nemharme
Hobbit-Iris Sandybanks
Ninja- Dingleberry San the Silver Ninja
Pirate- Pegleg Tanya The Terrible

Tim said...

Elf Name: Orophin Tiwele

Hobbit Name: Sancho Took of Great Smials

Ninja Name: Mr. Happy-San the Golden Ninja

Pirate Name: Iron Redbeard

jamie b said...

Elf: Nienna Sáralondë

Hobbit: Dimple Burrows

Ninja: Cyanide the Black Ninja

Pirate: Iron Buxom Betty

SuperPayne said...

My elf name is...Turgon Elensar

My hobbit name is...Orgulas Hamwich of Buckleberry Fern. lol, I like that one.

My Ninja name is...Mr. Stupid-San the Smelly Ninja. hey! I don't like this one as much...

My pirate name is...Captain Long Ben

The Englands said...

ninja: Mundolardo the Smelly Ninja

The Englands said...

pirate: Arch-Pirate Right Eye Rita

Corey said...

My ninja name is, "Jesus the secret ninja." lol. i kinda like that one. Hobbit, "Fosco Goodbody of Frogmorton." darn right i have a good body. lol. jk. Elf, "Lenwë Singollo." and Pirate is, "Dirty beard of maggots." that's a crappy pirate name. :'( but it's better than Payne's ninja name. lol