Thursday, January 31, 2008

And so it begins

Anyone got some bubble wrap we can have? Started getting stuff packed up for the big move tonight, got guys coming to refinish the tiles in the shower tomorrow (I'd post a before picture, but I'm too embarrased). Pray for us as we try to put our lives away into neatly labeled cardboard containers.
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Aunt Sherry said...

Makes it more REAL doesn't it?!

rachel freeman said...

We'll pray for your move. Are ya'll moving closer to Penny and Bruce or closer to your parents?

jamie b said...

it does make it more real!!

Rachel-right now we live in Albany so we will be about 4 hours from here. We'll be about 2 1/2 from my parents :)

GAB said...

ROADTRIP!!!! Chattanooga to Birmingham, 2.5 hrs!!! WOO HOO!!!!