Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

What a fun year 2007 was! As I was taking my calendar down today I decided to look back on what all this past year brought to us. The main thing is that our son went from baby to toddler! Goodness, how he's grown!

January brought my sister and her family back to town! This has been a very exciting transition for all of us since our babies get to play together as much as we'll let them! (of course that means we get to hang out too!)

In February, Bryan started rolling around on the floor a lot.

Bryan got his first 2 teeth in March. We also got a visit from Aunt Lynn that month!

April brought more teeth and a crawler. Bryan also started saying "mama.".

In May the whole Walker/England/Baker family loaded up and traveled north to Chattanooga to celebrate cousin Ross' high school graduation. I also celebrated my first Mother's day that month :)

June was a fun month since we got to go to the beach for a whole week! We also celebrated Allison's first birthday!

Bryan started standing by himself in July.

August is a month full of birthdays for our family. I turned 28, Dad turned 52, and Bryan turned 1! He also started walking!

In September Matt turned 28 and passed his Cisco certification test :) That was a very big accomplishment!

In October we found out that Bryan is going to have another cousin! In fact, Monday Lyndi and Ferrell will find out if peanut is a boy or girl! Also in October Aunt Beth and Tony came through for a visit.

In November Bryan started learning sign language. He knows: more, all done, bird, please, and thank you.

December was a month full of fun that included Christmas, birthdays, and a Sugarland concert.

I can't wait to see what 2008 holds for the Bakers!! We pray the Lord blesses you all with a wonderful year!

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