Friday, January 11, 2008

Growing Boy 2!

In order to put the growth chart in Bryan's room we moved the glider to our guest bedroom. Bryan wanted to sit in it so I took the opportunity to take pictures :) Here are a few cute ones:

I tried to take the pacifier but he clearly wanted it back!!


GAB said...

He is such a little cutie pie! I especially love the last photo.

rachel freeman said...

Hey girl!
Thank you for letting me know about your dream. I did have my first set of contractions last night, and I thought I was going to have her too. I'll keep you posted. By the way LOVE the blackand white photo of Bryan.
Keep praying for us please!

Amy Lynn said...

I LOVE the last picture! I cant believe how fast he is growing!

mandy said...

found you through the LPM blog.

your son is SUCH A CUTIE!!!