Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bryan's Birthday Party

Bryan's First Birthday Party


The Walker's said...

A Simba cake, how cute! Glad Brian had a fun birthday. You know, sometimes I think these kids have it right, wouldn't you just love to sit down and rub icing in your hair? hee hee!

Kimberly said...

Loved 'em, loved 'em, loved 'em! Thank you for sharing the photos. Makes me want to go get some cake and ice cream. I think I just might do that...:)

Jenny Collins said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!

Amy Lynn said...

Pictures are adorable! Looks like everyone had a blast!!

jamie b said...

Aunt Sherry,I would love to rub icing in my hair and smash cake on my face! I think it'd be so much fun!! :)

Kim, Great hearing from you! I'm so glad to know things are going well in MS! Did you get some cake and ice cream?

Jenny, thank you! It's great hearing from you! :)

AL-Thanks! We did have a blast! Can't wait for baby Zac to make his appearance!