Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Guess what Bryan did today?!

Well, let me start by saying he LOVES playing with the books in his room. He can sit on the floor for 15 to 20 minutes by himself which is wonderful for me so I can get something done. Well, this morning I left him to check my email. After a few minutes I heard him grunting like he does when he's stuck or wants something he can't get to. After I walked to his room I was looking in the direction of the bookshelf thinking he would be on the floor, but NO! He was SITTING IN THE GLIDER! I WISH I would have had a camera with me. He pulled the bottom cushion off so he could climb on it to get in the rocker. He is definitely a monkey!

It was really really cute and funny! He still hasn't mastered how to get off of the furniture. We need to work a little harder with him on that! :)

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