Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When It Rains, It POURS!

We have discovered that water has been leaking into the wall behind our washing machine causing lots of mold, wet sheetrock, and rotted subfloor! We've had 2 plumbers here and 2 contractors to access the damages. We'll let you know what all happens with that!

We went to the mall yesterday and as we were leaving the AC in the highlander quit working and was blowing out straight heat so we added that to our list of things that will cost who knows how much money.

So, please keep our checkbook in your prayers :) Other than that we are doing great! So far it's been wonderful being a mom to a 1 year old! He is so much fun!


AUNT BETH said...

These are not the type of birthday presents you should be getting! You need lots of cake instead!!!


jamie b said...

Amen to that!! :) Thanks for the birthday wishes!! I will be eating lots of cake. :) Love you!

Clint said...

Oh the joys of being grownup! Remember when you were a kid and wanted nothing more than being a grown-up?

Been there and done that, now...can I go back?

jamie b said...

yes, please!!! :)

Aunt Sherry said...

Jamie, Kelley and Bubba have had that kind of luck lately too, we've also had a pretty rough week! So honey, if it's any consolation, we feel for you, and are right there with you! Good news though, it will get better.
Love You!